Trafford Wildlife is the latest evolution of a group of volunteers that have actively supported improvement to wildlife reserves in the Trafford area since the 1970's.  We run a number of practical tasks throughout the year mostly in the Trafford area. Our aim is to carry out and promote practical conservation in the local area.
We are currently running litterpicking tasks 10-12 most Mondays, some weekend days and nature conservation tasks most Wednesdays & Fridays 10am to about 3pm. We have a monthly conservation task on the second Sunday (usually) of each month 10-3.
During the winter season we are removing invasive rhododendron, scrub birch, Norway maple and willow. This requires no prior experience, just the ability to ignore the occasional rain shower and to get stuck in. In the transition period from winter to spring we are working on tree planting and tree guard aftercare, removing/replacing plastic tree guards, clearing mulch from around saplings, all to allow the saplings improved survival rate and growth. This activity also reduces the amount of plastic in the natural environment. During the summer season we are removing invasive Himalayan balsam, which, once removed enables indigenous plants such as hogweed, bramble and nettle to provide a more varied food store for wildlife. In addition, balsam tends to invade river banks and the tiny root structure leaves river banks open to excessive erosion.
Our Sunday tasks are communicated through an email list. Our weekday tasks are communicated through Trafford Wildlife Facebook, Trafford Wildlife WhatsApp and Trafford Wildlife Instagram. To hear about weekday tasks put a friend request through Trafford Wildlife Facebook and for WhatsApp drop us a line through this website JOIN US page. To go onto the Sunday tasks email list drop us a line through the 'JOIN US' page indicating weekdays or Sunday interest - or both!

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