Dr Jennifer Wood


I graduated from Salford University in 2006 with a degree in Wildlife and Practical Conservation .I became involved in the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and l served as a Trustee for 3 years. I have been involved with conservation in Trafford for many years and believe conservation is particularly precious in urban areas so that people can engage with green areas in their own neighbourhood.

David Reeves

Task Co-ordinator, Treasurer & Task Leader

I have been actively working on nature conservation in Trafford for 25 years. I am a volunteer and member of several local organisations, including the National Trust, Cheshire Wildlife Trust North Group and Altrincham Naturalists, as well as Trafford Wildlife. I co-ordinate the conservation work across the reserves looked after by Trafford Wildlife.

Geoff Densham

Secretary & Task Leader

I've been volunteering with nature conservation organisations for much of my life and I'm a strong believer that our limited nature areas in Trafford need protecting and nurturing. Volunteering on Nature reserves is enjoyable and beneficial to mental health.

Janet Turnbull

Task Leader

Since my career in education came to an end in 2011 I have been able to expand my interest in the natural world and have enjoyed working with The Conservation Volunteers and latterly with Trafford Wildlife. I am a member of Butterfly Conservation, the RSPB and National Trust, all of which seek to promote and protect our wildlife and heritage. I am also a keen photographer and belong to the Nature group of the Royal Photographic Society. I look forward to helping to introduce other people to the joys of nature and conservation.

Barry Craven

Task Leader

I have been involved in residential conservation projects throughout the UK and in Europe for approximately 15 years. I have worked as a volunteer with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and the National Trust for Scotland. I began working locally with Trafford Wildlife when Covid 19 restrictions were relaxed earlier in 2021. I have enjoyed the conservation tasks in an environment that can be as safe as possible given the threat of Covid 19. I highly recommend this group.

Maura Baker

Task Leader

I have been interested in wildlife and conservation for many years, supporting groups such as the National Trust and WWT. I am a keen walker and enjoy the outdoors. Since retiring from full time work I have been involved as a volunteer with conservation projects run by Trafford Wildlife.

Jon Banwell

Task Leader

Since retiring from working in social care I have become increasingly involved as a volunteer with Trafford Wildlife. I am keen to develop my knowledge and understanding of conservation and enjoy getting involved in the various projects throughout the year.

David Newbrook

Swift Leader

My hope is that I can start a local group of like minded individuals who will take up the baton of preserving the Swift populations that we have in Trafford and with the hope of encouraging new populations of Swifts to flourish - as the thought of Summers without the sight and sound of screaming parties of Swifts at rooftop height is something we shouldn’t allow to happen.

Julie Johnson

Timperley Tidiers Leader

I have been a member of Timperley Tidiers litter picking group for quite a few years and helped organised the bigger litter picks and Facebook page and before that have been doing solo litter picks around the village. I'm taking over as leader of the group now and looking forward to getting involved in the various projects when I'm able to. I work in a local primary school and I enjoy cycling in my spare time.